Welcome to Workplace Wellbeing Day

Welcome to National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2019, Ireland's fifth National Workplace Wellbeing Day.

The past five years has seen the number of companies sign up to Workplace Wellbeing Day rise steadily, so much so that 2018 saw over 700 companies officially register on our website and share their activity online using the official hashtag - this year it is be #WorkWell19.

Workplace Wellbeing Day offers companies a unique opportunity to showcase all of the activities that they have put in place for their employees.
As the first country in Europe to put in place a day devoted to workplace wellbeing, Ireland is truly leading the way and April 12th aims to showcase this.

Irish workplaces have changed dramatically over the past decade. We have seen dramatic shifts in the employment landscape and employers are now looking for new and innovative ways to attract and retain talent. Their employees wellbeing is the best way that they can ensure that they address this key point for their business.

As a registered participant of Workplace Wellbeing Day you will be amongst the large number of companies publicly showcasing that you have committed to the wellbeing of your staff.

The benefits of a successful workplace wellbeing programme have been well documented and begin with the improved employee health that can aid in increased retention levels and higher levels of productivity.

Workplace wellbeing benefits everyone.

We look forward to hearing all about your activities on and in the run up to Workplace Wellbeing Day on April 12th.