Capita Life & Pensions Services (Ireland) Ltd.

Company: Capita Life & Pensions Services (Ireland) Ltd.

Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

We have a selection of activities which include free on-line yoga and pilates classes, on-line fitness and meditation sessions.

We have also linked in with our Charity Partner SOS who have designed online talks some of which were specifically for Capita employees.

For the last 6 weeks we have been issuing daily communications to all of our employee the majority of which are now working from home due to Covid-19.  We have a lot of detail to share from fitness, mental health, things to help them keep well and connected that we have used in these communications, all of which has been well received by our employees and has increased engagement during a time when it's more difficult to engage with employees been offsite.  We have also included a Kiddies's corner in our communications to help keep the little ones busy as it can be a difficult time for those with children to work from home and manage children at the same time.  We have more recently also built in a back to basics section and a home section to our daily communications.