Chartered Accountants Ireland

Company: Chartered Accountants Ireland

Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day



Give Herbal Tea a try: a selection of Herbal Tea will be available on the 3rd Floor Tea Station.




Five a day: pick up a piece of fresh fruit from the 3rd Floor Tea Station or the 4th Floor office water cooler.




Trinity Sport & Wellbeing Talk @ 12.30 in the Gola


Aiden Moroney will be providing a presentation on the facilitates and membership options currently offered at Trinity Sport Rosie will be able to give a talk about health, wellbeing & mental health. The talk will last 30 – 40 minutes.




Take a break: Try something different on your break, pick up something fun from the 3rd floor kitchen;


-          Word Searches

-          Origami

-          Sudoku

-          Colouring In




Lunchtime Mile 2019

Ireland’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day is encouraging all workplaces in Ireland to get active, by hosting a Lunchtime mile event on April 12th. 


We plan to meet at 1.05pm in reception to take a walk around Merion Square, aiming to be back in the office around 1.30pm.

Ireland's national physical activity plan states that we should be doing 30 minutes of physical exercise per day, and walking the lunchtime mile can go a long way towards reaching that target.