Cumnor Construction Ltd

Company: Cumnor Construction Ltd

Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

On essential work sites we are planning the following:

- Take a breath and breath: at each Daily safe start briefing we are planning 5 mins of calming breathing exercises to help us with anxiety and stress in the current workplace.

- Early morning jokes: at the safe start briefing we are asking all attendees to crack a joke so as to get the group laughing

- Quick talk on the importance of looking after your own health, in order to look after your family and the most vulnerable in society.

To be distributed to all employees working from home we plan the following:

- Newsletter on the importance of eating a balanced diet and drinking sufficient water throughout the day

- Group chats through Teams, with as many attendees as possible throughout the day at various intervals to see how all are getting on.

- Asking all employees to send in a brief message including photos of their work stations at home, with the emphasis on who has the best and the quirkiest home office.