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Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

Along with our weeky wellbeing initiatives to Focus On You, our theme for WWD is to Focus on Others!

Focus on Others

Remember the days when mid-week before a bank holiday weekend we’d all ask each other ‘have you any plans for the long weekend?’ and we’d all rattle off that we were doing this, that or the other.  Oh, how we took those bank holiday weekend plans for granted.

Next weekend is the May Bank Holiday weekend.  It’s the start of a new month and, hopefully the promise of warmer, sunnier and better days to come.


We are all trying to take care of our mental and physical wellbeing at this time and that can be challenging.   Many of us are trying a number of different ways to keep positive and healthy while there’s so much uncertainty around.   Doing something good for someone or something else is another great way to help us to feel good about ourselves.

With that in mind we have a charity challenge we’d like to share with you and we really hope that you will sign up and commit to.


It’s called the 444 daa group Charity Challenge and it goes like this; we’re asking you to commit to:

  • 4k of exercise be it walking, cycling, skipping, running or whatever works for you.
  • 4 days over the May Bank Holiday weekend (Friday 1st to Monday 4th May inclusive)
  • 4 charities to benefit from your efforts.

The money raised will be divided 50/50 to our three daa Charity Partners and Beaumont PPE for frontline workers.

The 4k takes account of our 2k radius restriction so it’s doable for you and your family.

This is a simple initiative, no fancy equipment needed just the commitment to do something for these great charities and for you. And of course 4k is only a guideline and you can go further, within your 2k radius.