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Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

We are using Workplace Wellbeing Day 2019 as a "kick-off" to a series of initiatives and the development of a specific D/Business, Enterprise & Innovation (DBEI_ Wellbeing Policy (internally for our staff).

Currently we have just over 900 staff geographically dispersed across 11 locations around the country. Individual colleagues in a number of the locations have been (for quite some time) organising local events such as pilates / yoga classes, football 5 a sides, a walking group, and other ad-hoc events (e.g. charity runs) for several years. We now want to "thread these activities" together as part of formal recognition (and internal policy document) by the Department of the importance of staff wellbeing. We will also be concentrating on mental health/awareness and nutritional advice etc too.

So National Wellbeing in the Workplace Day this Friday is really just the beginning for us (in that formal sense). Some of us will be undertaking a 5km run, we will also be hosting a (somewhat informal)  "Wellbeing" Talk on Friday morning in our Head Office.

Next week we will be re-launching our weekly football 5 a sides (every Monday) as well as launching the DBEI Choir (every Wednesday). We have recently established a running group (not a "Running Club")  called the "DBEI Rockets" who will periodic run together.

We will also be commencing a "Gardening group (in different locations) - which is a combination of a "Wellbeing" and "Green" initiative. Many of these initiatives will be replicated in our regional offices.