Company: Digicom

Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

We've just had a Health & Wellness week from 25 Feb to 1 March in Digicom, including:

  • Delivery of fruits, nuts, healthy snacks and herbal teas for all
  • Gift of a fitness tracker for all employees - Fitness competition with a prize for the person having taken the most steps during the week
  • Smoothie morning
  • Massage Day (with Zest@Work, we highly recommend them, it was great)
  • Walk around the office + office exercises facilitated by fitness enthusiast employees (with music & costume... was great fun)
  • Creation & distribution of a "Digicom favorite recipes" leaflet (compilation of employees' input)
  • Creation & distribution of a "Digicom Fitness tips" leaflet (compilation of employees' input)

Plan for 12 April TBC