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Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

In direct response to COVID-19 public health guidelines in March, the well-being activities on site in Lilly became virtual so that the employees can access and participate no matter whether they are on site or working from home. These virtual webinars have been tailored to help the employee focus on taking time to reconnect to what matters most in his/her life and recommit to his/her personal sense of well-being.

These weekly webinars with leading experts, are recorded so this has the added advantage of allowing the individual access the material at a time frame that suits and it is also accessible to the employee's family. Example of such webinars include Wellbeing Webinar/Building Resilience by focusing on Positive Psychology/ Sleep and its benefits.

The following two webinars are planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day:

A live seminar with Mark O’Reilly, executive wellbeing coach and managing director at FitVision. Mark will share his advice on getting a positive routine in place and discusses why prioritising our wellness at this time is so important.

Mark will focus on the following topics:

  • Incorporating exercise into our new routines
  • Motivation
  • Nutrition
  • Rest and recovery

The second webinar is titled Cultivating a Rested Mind. James Brennan, a physiotherapist will share techniques and tricks to allow us calm our mind during stressful tilmes.

These webinars will then be followed by a week of varied Wellbeing activities, the 11th - 15th May as part of the Global Wellbeing Week at Lilly.

In adherence to the social distancing guidelines, all the in- house physcial exercise classes are now delivered via ZOOM. The classes available on Workplace Wellbeing Day include HIIT, Personal training, mindfulness, pilates and yoga.