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Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

Giraffe Childcare are committed to creating a work place environment that is centred on the wellbeing of all our service users. This not only includes the children and families that we love and care for but also our staff.

We have moved from looking at wellbeing as an activity of One day a year but working toward it been a focus of everyday. As a result our activities include: 

  • Encourage centres to pick a wellbeing activity a month and calendar it – launching on wellbeing week
  • Healthy snack day once a month
  • Each centre chef shares a healthy recipe and we create a Healthy Cook Book for staff. We could share these with everyone? 21 centres – that is almost two years of recipes!
  • Mobile free lunchtimes –one day per week – Unplugged Friday /Tuesday – Celbridge embraced this already
  • Mindfulness/meditation visualisation video’s to send to the centres – how to practice meditation instructions to be emailed to the centres
  • Inspirational quote one per day (Wellbeing week) – to be emailed to the centres
  • High Five board – promote awareness / excellence in work
  • Lunchtime Mile walk
  • Sensory/Wellbeing box in staff room (crossword books, squezzy balls, magazines etc)
  • Prize for the most innovative/follow through for the year – this can be added to the centre of the year awards
  • Exercises for people who sit at desks all day- this is for Head Office. Small stretches throughout the day – perhaps twice a day.
  • Lunchtime mile
  • Encourage phone free Friday - using an alternative by suggestions include board games and jigsaws

These are just small changes but will go a long way to succeeding a healthier and happier workforce