Company: IBM

Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

Currently we have an ongoing commitment known as "The IBM Work From Home Pledge" which is a commitment in order to ensure the wellbeing of our employees is our first priority given the current environment. We are asking all employees to make a pledge as follows and will ask employees to do this on 1st May 2020 on their social media profiles.

During COVID-19:

  • I pledge to be Family Sensitive. 
  • I pledge to support Flexibility for Personal Needs.
  • I pledge to support “Not Camera Ready” times.
  • I pledge to Be Kind.
  • I pledge to Set Boundaries and Prevent Video Fatigue.   
  • I pledge to Take Care of Myself.
  • I pledge to Frequently Check In on people.  
  • I pledge to Be Connected.

We have a number of initiatives such as virtual coffee sessions, mindfulness sessions and making pledges as above in order to mind our employees during this particular period.