ICHEC - Irish Centre for High-End Computing

Company: ICHEC - Irish Centre for High-End Computing

Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

ICHEC (Irish Centre for High-End Computing) continues to operate business functions as normal during this pandemic. We are also conscious of the importance of our staff health and wellbeing and support initiatives like Workplace Wellbeing Day wholeheartedly. On an ongoing basis some of the health and wellness activities that we are doing include:

  • Virtual Kitchen - where staff can meet socially during the day 
  • Virtual Pilates - a once a week class offered by one of our staff members who is also a pilates instructor
  • Virtual social clubs, including Friday evening social bonding - a chance for everyone to catch-up and relax
  • Daily team meetings
  • All staff remote meetings
  • We also developed and circulated a guide to working from home to al staff

We keep in touch regularly over various platforms (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet) which we had in place as part of our business continuity planning prior to the COVID-19 shutdown.