ISPCC Childline

Company: ISPCC Childline

Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

- We are focusing on creating a greater connection with our teams and volunteers all across the country as they respond to the increased demands for vunerable children at this time

- The Leadership Team hosted a Virtual Social Gathering yeserday on MS Teams with the rule of "non work" and we had lots of members dial in, some with their little people joining too! Questions were asked and shared by SLT on what people miss most, appreciate most, and some funny moments shared too. We closed off with the CEO signposting the Bankholiday weekend and need for taking rest and reenergising at this time.

- We have launched our 90 Day Step Challenge with a league table and prizes for all staff and volunteers 

- Set up a shared repositery of resourse, webinars, podcasts and useful links and have been promoting these in our CEO's weekely updates to all staff and volunteers  

- The regional teams set up a Virtual Bingo yesterday on MS Teams and by all accounts it was great fun ending up in an 80s sing song