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Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

April Fitness Challenge: April has 21 working days (Ireland). A number of employees are taking part in an early morning fitness drive prior to starting their days work using the onsite Fitness Suite. Fitness training session includes: Warm Up Cardio Stretching Core Strengthening Non-Contact Kickboxing Arms / Abs / Legs Warm down To celebrate Ireland’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day, April 12th 2019, our training session on this day will be dedicated to further promoting Workplace Wellbeing with the emphasis being on highlighting the benefits of early morning exercise prior to starting your days’ work. These benefits include: Improved Fitness Levels - Less Lethargic - Weight Loss - Improved Mental Health - Feeling Good – More Alert - Reduced Sickness days from work - More Energy - Stress Reduction - Sleep Better. As well as early morning exercise classes Optum also provide on-site – Yoga – Pilates – Walking challenges – Gym discounts - Mindfulness sessions and many more options available to all employees.