Company: Takeda

Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

Takeda Ireland, Bray have initiated a special employee Wellbeing Program which focuses on the current Covid-19 situation and its potential effects on our workforce whether they are working onsite as essential workers or supporting the business from home in line with our company values of Patient, Trust, Reputation and Business.

With this diversity in mind, we have created multiple off and online interactive platforms to host our program, which includes practical tips & tricks as well as Webinars and live sessions for dealing with the current situation, covering both mental and physical health.  We have a host of contributors to the content such as psychology, personal training, coaching, fitness and nutrition, podcasts and spotify playlists.

We have committed to sending our employees daily tips emails with interactive links, as well as being able to access all information on our internal social media platforms. In conjunction with this we are also running live weekly virtual events on Fridays in microsoft TEAMS, that consist of virtual museum tours, virtual language classes, virtual arts classes, quizzes and TedTalks.

In addition to this, we have webinars from our health provider offering yoga classes, nutrition tips, resources to help with having children at home, mindfulness and exercise classes. For those onsite, we have livened up our employee canteen space, with music, digital screened content and theme days for lunch which is currently free of charge. 

Finally, to support our employees further, our EHS and IT teams have been actively contributing by making sure our remote working teams have everything they need to do their jobs comfortably through ergonomic and technology assessments, and have been busy 'shipping' equipment out to people at home and virtually assessing work stations to ensure that the work from home team are health and safe!