TU Dublin Library, Tallaght

Company: TU Dublin Library, Tallaght

Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

On the last day of every month in work we have sweet treats for our tea break.  One of us will bake or buy cake/cakes and we will all get together at tea break, to share the cake and lots of laughs too.  Our tea breaks are obviously going to be a little different for some time.

For Workplace Wellbeing Day we are going to bake/buy a cake to have at our online tea break on Friday morning.  Also, this time we will be wearing hats (everyone is having bad hair days) which we have created ourselves or repurposed from hats we find at home!  The Mad Hatters Library Tea Party!  We are looking for big crazy, colourful hats.  The staff are getting their families involved in the baking of cakes and the making of hats.  Staying home and staying safe.