West Pharma, Contract Manufacturing

Company: West Pharma, Contract Manufacturing

Activities planned for Workplace Wellbeing Day

Walk at Lunchtime in nearby Park - will be put into all employees calendars that day.

Healthier Options on the Canteen Menu - working with our Catering Provider to see if they can offer healthy smoothies and snacks that day

Mindfulness Colouring sheets and colouring pencils will be left in canteen and break out areas for people to colour/ doodle on when on breaks

Sending out a two minute mediation video that day

We partner with Peptalk so will be using the Peptalk APP to promote workplace wellbeing day.

Have a poster to encourage standing/walking conference calls

Using our Communications screens in hallways to promote the day. Using screen in canteen on the day to play videos, show presentations with tips on Sleep, Nutrition, fitness, etc.

Thinking of more ideas to implement and as we operate 24/7 will look at extending it out over the weekend so will capture night shift and weekend staff.