Questions & Answers with David Wallace

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

We caught up with David Wallace to find out what kind of routine a rugby legend maintains to keep in shape.

How many times a week do you work out?
At least once but I try to train twice a week.

Do you follow a weekly meal plan?
Not really, but I do have some habits that I usually try and stick to.

What would you eat on a daily basis?
Porridge for breakfast, soup and sandwich for lunch and a light evening meal.

Do you have a cheat day? or what food is your guilty pleasure?
Probably too many cheat days, but chocolate is my weakness.

Do you alternate your training regime?
No, it’s very regular usually. Although I do like to try and get out cycling more in the summer.

If you could change one thing about your eating habits, what would it be?
Cutting down on snacks especially sweet ones.

On average how many hours sleep do you get?
Most nights I try to get 7-8 hours.

What are your favourite on the run healthy go to foods.
Protein shakes.

What motivates you to stay healthy and eat healthy?
My biggest motivation are the mental benefits and increase in energy levels and the general feel good feeling after training. Eating healthily is much easier when you train and vice a versa.

Name your five favourite foods
Porridge, kale, nuts, chilli and green tea.

Name your favourite exercise to do in a hurry
10 reps of 40 secs on a rowing machine with 20 sec breaks. Minimum 200 meters each set.

Since you finished Rugby what has motivated you to keep in shape?
I just want to try to maintain my fitness levels built up over the years and not let it waste. I really enjoy training and the physical benefits but more importantly, the psychological benefits. Training can be seen as a reward rather than chore.