SOLAS - Keeping it Real and Keeping Committed to Workplace Wellbeing

Thursday, 30 April 2020

SOLAS Workplace Wellness 2020
SOLAS is the State agency tasked with building a world class Further Education and Training (FET) sector to fuel Ireland’s future. Everyday we do our best to ensure workplace wellness for our amazing employees, so that they can keep the show on the road.

We are delighted to celebrate workplace wellbeing on the 1st of May as a National Day. We are committed every day, in ensuring that we do all that is possible to provide an environment that nurtures workplace wellbeing.

At SOLAS we are consciously #KeepingItReal throughout COVID 19.
Our employees who are great in ordinary times, have been outstanding in this extraordinary time. In every aspect they have kept it real. At the flick of a switch they have turned around the way they work and the work that they do. They are meeting the needs of society from a Further Education and Training perspective in the here and now. Focussed on the ‘real’ to attain ‘the ‘ideal’.

While for the most part everyone is managing well, we are acutely aware that being at home in a crisis, while trying to continue working is challenging. Everyone has their own set of circumstances to navigate at this time. We know that for some of us there are waves of quite intense emotion. We are happy to name this, say it out, keep it real. We are not sweeping it under the carpet, hoping that people will just get on with it, we accept that this is the reality. We are #KeepingItReal. So, basically the sun is there, but sometimes it gets covered in cloud. As humans, it is the same, mostly we can shine but other times we may get a bit clouded.

In recognising this we are now more than ever, actively supporting the following activities:

Wellbeing Committee
Monthly Wellbeing Newsletter
Lunchtime Pilates
The lunchtime mile
Mindfulness Workshops
Mental Health Awareness Workshops
Physical Health Awareness Workshops
Fortnightly guided meditation
1-1 check ins with every single staff member (regardless of position)
Workplace Wellbeing Choir (virtual during COVID 19)
Employee Assistance Programme.

For May 1st we have a series of activities to specifically mark National Workplace Wellbeing Day. These activities kick off with a workshop on De-stressing and Getting Grounded. Our CEO is giving up his weekly Town Hall to facilitate several staff members providing inputs on the positive impact of being involved in wellbeing initiatives at SOLAS. Around lunchtime we have a mindful walk with a photo competition. Finally, to close off the day, we have a virtual afternoon tea with a competition for the nicest looking cake containing the healthiest ingredients.