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Looking for ideas? Why not check out our activities page where we've listed ideas for events you can run on the day for your own employees!

Stay tuned, we'll be updating this page to let you know about offers available in your local area.

30% Discount from The Present Box

The Present Box, "Phones Away, Let's Play" is designed to help adults and kids put their focus back on the innocent simplicity of play, tech free. Or, as we call it, ‘Giving the Gift of Time’. It’s not about prohibiting technology, it’s about creating a Tech/Life balance. Carving out space and time for creative, quality family time spent together.

We are delighted to offer all participants of Ireland’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day, April 12th 2019
a 30% Discount OFF The Present Box. Just go to www.thepresentbox.com and use the promo code "UNPLUG" at the checkout to redeem.

Free Online Doctors Appointment from Video Doc

videoDoc, videoTherapy and videoPhysio are moving the needle in terms of employee healthcare. We understand that good health is good business, which is why we can help you place the wellbeing of your employees at the heart of your business.

We provide the ultimate 21st century house call, on-demand healthcare delivered through technology and always with a human touch. We offer workplace support that will work for any teams lifestyle. We help people see an expert at a time and place that best suits them, and without the need to attend an office. Helping support their health and wellness, even when they are travelling; with direct access to experts such as online qualified psychotherapists, online doctors, online physios and on-site wellness facilitators.

In Ireland there are an estimated 14 million days lost to illness each year, costing the economy €750 million and businesses up to €2 billion – ISME/ HSE 2017. The top two reasons given on medical certificates are back pain and stress.

Our services are aimed at helping businesses help their staff.

This workplace wellness day we are pleased to offer all participants a chance to experience an online doctor call to help promote their health and wellbeing, to seek advice or to just find out more about our various wellness services.

Enjoy a free online doctor appointment by contacting Jason@videodoc.ie to discuss your staff numbers.

*Expires 30
th of April.

Lunchtime Mile 2019

We are also encouraging all workplaces in Ireland and even further afield to get active, by running a Lunchtime mile event on April 12th. 

Ireland's national physical activity plan states that we should be doing 30 minutes of physical exercise per day, and walking the lunchtime mile can go a long way towards reaching that target. 

On April 12th, set a course around your workplace and make the walk available to your employees to set them on the path to better heart health, increased mood and regulated blood pressure. 

If you or your company are planning on walking the mile and would like to invite surrounding businesses to join in please let us know and we would be more than happy to advertise this on our events section.

Don't forget to tweet your activity by tagging #workwell19 and @WellbeingdayIrl

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